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Rants Of A Generic College Kid

...judge for yourself

28 September 1989
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'Cause these things will change, can you feel it now?

i'm just a girl. and that girl loves, thinks & needs a lot. she is a work in progress. she has heroes, passion, and a mission. God and his creations consume her life. from stars to children and rap music to horses; she is in love.

500 days of summer, a walk to remember, adventures, anberlin, being different, big bang theory, birds, blobs, boys, boys like girls, bright colors, chewing gum, chinese food, clouds, cooking unhealthy food, cuddling, david crowder band, demi lovato, dinosaurs, discovering new places, disney chanel, doodling, drinking cold coffee, driving around, eating cheese, etbu, exploring, facebook, friends, getting lost in characters, gilmore girls, gossip girl, greta, gypsies, hair, heroes, hide and scream, jesus, jet skies, jewelry, jonas brothers, kate voegle, kids, lakes, laughing till it hurts, laying on couches, leg warmers, lifegroup, long socks, looking at stars, making things, making things pretty, matt nathanson, memorizing details, mexican food, midnight rendezvous, miley cyrus, mismatching socks, neck ties, newness, nick and norah, nick jonas& the administration, not wearing shoes, one tree hill, painting shirts, people, people watching, photobucket, pictures, pijama pants, pillows, pink, playing at the park, playing games, playing in sand, pretending, rainboots, rainbows, random music, reading, ruby oliver books, scarves, selena gomez, sherwood, shoes, shopping for unusual things, singing loudly with jesus, sitting in grass, sonny with a chance, stalking, stargirl, sweaters, swimming, swimming in dirty water, switchfoot, taylor swift, texting, the fray, the son, the sun, traveling, trees, tshirts, twitter, watching people's lives, we the kings, wearing fake glasses, wearing unusual things, wizards of waverly place, yellow, yellow chevy cobalts, zune